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Aja Moniz ([personal profile] ayakitsune) wrote2024-06-01 12:00 pm

Relevant Informations


As many of you know, there is now a tax going on over in Europe that is making the sale of digital goods outside of the US much more difficult. Because of the VAT, I am no longer selling my patterns on Etsy. However, Ravelry has partnered with a site that handles the VAT issues on its own, without my needing to sort it out for myself. To that end, my Ravelry store remains open, and if you are in Europe, it will redirect you to the new partner site on its own. If you are searching for my patterns I invite you to go there, and thank you so much for your interest!

Hello and welcome to my Dreamwidth account! For the most part, this journal will not be updated; it's mostly a placeholder for my username, as well as a repository for any free patterns I do. For more active ways to follow my work, you can find me in these places:

My Etsy Shop
My designs at Ravelry
My Tumblr account

I do have accounts here, but for the most part, they are abandoned:


I am typically not open to commissions, as I only do craftwork part time and if I was making everyone dragons all the time I would never get any new designs done. Once I have some of the originals I have in mind finished I'm sure I'll start working on other free ones, though, so please wait for me patiently!

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